How You Can Help

“Hope is the companion of power and the mother of success, for those of us who hope strongest have within us the gift of miracles.”

– Sydney Bremer

Sometimes it seems like there’s a rising tide of apathy and we as individuals are powerless to stop it.  This is not true – there are so many things we can do, little things that aren’t difficult or overwhelming, but send a powerful message nonetheless.  Below is a list of companies, restaurants, suppliers and other organisations who sell, purchase, and/or distribute shark products.  By boycotting these places and their products, we can have a positive effect by applying public pressure.

Sometimes a silent gesture can create the biggest impact.

Shark Fin Dealers: Auckland area

  • Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant (Viaduct)
  • Enjoy Inn Chinese Restaurant (Grt South Rd, Greenlane)
  • Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant (Elliot St, Auckland Central)
  • KK Malaysian Restaurant (Robert St, Ellerslie)
  • Sunshine Chinese Restaurant (Viaduct)
  • Jolin Shanghai Restaurant (Dominion Rd, Mt Eden)
  • Ming Court (Sky City)
  • Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant (Alexandra Park, Epsom)
  • Dynasty Chinese Restaurant (Wakefield St, Auckland Central)
  • Hees Garden Seafood Restaurant (Mt Eden Rd, Balmoral)
  • Rendevous Hotels
  • Ding How Chinese Restaurant (Albert St, Auckland Central)
  • China Restaurant & Bar (Beach Rd, Auckland Central)
  • Auckland Fish Market
  • Pearl Garden (Teed St, Newmarket)
  • New Orient Restaurant (Strand Arcade, Auckland Central)
  • Nutralife (health and wellbeing supplement supplier throughout New Zealand and Australia)

This list is not exhaustive.  When you go into a restaurant, have a look at their menus – if they serve it, don’t eat there.  If it is a supplement supplier, look at the ingredients/products that they sell.  If they offer shark products, don’t purchase their products.

White Sharks are not immune to the finning industry.  The slaughter must stop before its too late…


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