Children’s Corner

Education plays a very important part of the White Shark Conservation Trust’s role and covers all ages and all walks of life.  Perhaps most importantly is the involvement with and reaching out to the next generations; after all, we are merely temporary custodians of the planet, and it is our duty to ensure the beauty of the world that we experience is there for future generations to equally share and enjoy.

We invite all children with an interest in sharks to email us at whitesharkconservationtrust at gmail dot com and share their sharkie artwork and thoughts with us, so we can publish their work (with their permission, of course)!

Thank you to Ben Berkshire (Aged 7) for his awesome poem and drawing of a white shark.


















Many thanks to Pietro Moriani from Reggio Emilia in Italy.  He is eight years old and loves sharks.  Pietro sent us this picture of a white shark eating an albatross.


3 Responses to “Children’s Corner”

  1. Thomas Brueckner (@ThomasBrueckner) Says:

    Childrens are our future and I like that.Childrens are more open and have the ability to learn and understand faster and see our world with oter eyes.They don’t see that sharks are here to killing humans.They see that we need the sharks of any kind of them to survive.Please stop the overhunting of sharks before it’s too late.It’s not right killing sharks just for greed of making money.

  2. Pulchra Doctrina Says:

    Hi 🙂
    We homeschool our kids and my eldest two 8 & 6 have recently watched a couple of documentaries about Sharks and the crisis that these beautiful creatures are facing. They have been REALLY moved and want to help :). We have a project fair coming up at the end of this month, and they want to have a display about Protecting Sharks. My son (6) ALSO wants to make a 3 minute film about this for the Film Festival in term 3. Can you suggest any good resources, links or people that they might be able to talk to? 🙂
    Thank you for fighting such a good fight! These creatures are a testament to God’s awesome design!!

    • White Shark Conservation Trust Says:

      Hi Pulchra,
      Its awesome to hear about your children learning the plight of sharks and their desire to help in some way. As we are sure you agree, we are custodians of the planet for our future generations and have a duty to ensure they experience the beauty and wonders of the living planet as we have and are. You can find a page of very helpful links on this web site as well as recommended films and books. The younger target audience are a little more of a challenge to engage in a positive way. The documentary film ‘Sharkwater’ by Rob Stewart is probably too much for your older kids but please watch yourself and gauge. ‘Great White Sharks’ by Sandra Markle is not a bad choice too. There are a number of documentaries available as I am sure you know, but most may be a little heavy going. If you are in New Zealand, an exhibition has just opened at the Domain about our marine environment which is definitely worth a visit.

      Any pictures or poems that your children do about sharks we would love to see and put up on their behalf on our Children’s page.

      I hope this helps!

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