About Us

The White Shark Conservation Trust has been established to promote awareness of the need to conserve and protect the white shark, Carcharodon carcharias and to educate the public about the animal. This action was triggered by a personal desire of one of the Trustees who decided he could no longer remain an ‘armchair environmentalist’. The realisation of the absolute fragility of these creatures was brought home to Bruce Goorney on a life changing expedition to see the sharks first hand at the Neptune Islands in the Spencer Gulf, South Australia in January 2008. Bruce had already realised the media representation of the white shark was wholly inaccurate, but it was not until he actually met the animals whilst cage diving, that he realised how intelligent, timid, cautious and truly beautiful they are… As he recalled on exiting the cage after his first dive…”it was the most humbling experience of my life”. After much thought over the rest of 2008, Bruce decided he had to do something proactive to help change the public perception and gain support to help in the conservation effort. Encouraged and aided by Kate Amiria, in 2009, Bruce and Kate launched the White Shark Conservation Trust. The White Shark Conservation Trust is registered with the NZ Charities Commission as a Charitable Trust.

Our Goals

  • Fundraising to donate to White Shark Research and Conservation projects for the purpose of purchasing shark tags and/or contributing towards the New Zealand research and conservation efforts for the great white shark.
  • Support New Zealand white shark research and conservation programs.
  • Aid in the protection and preservation of the white shark in New Zealand waters.
  • Provide an avenue for people concerned with white shark survival to meet and interact.
  • Provide inspiration, guidance and tools to enable New Zealanders to protect and support the conservation efforts dedicated to white sharks.
  • Educate the general public about the conservation status of the white shark and encourage public support of, and involvement in the protection and conservation of the white shark.
  • Assist and co-operate with persons and organizations sharing similar aims.

Trust Activities

Currently the trust is actively pursuing public and private donations.  It has a bi-monthly newsletter which can be subscribed to free of charge – see our memberships page.  The newsletter provides an informative window into Trust developments as well as personal interest stories and educational articles on the many aspects of the white shark.   The Trust is also involved in organising seminars on related subjects and fundraising activities.


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