Shark Tagging in the Kaipara – Veronika’s story

Scotty the shark gets tagged next to Scotty the man's boat.

Scotty the shark gets tagged next to Scotty the man’s boat.

Last February, trust members Veronika and Christy joined Clinton Duffy, Scott Tindale and the rest of the team on a tagging expedition in the Kaipara Harbour. Veronika tells us about her experience below:

There are three things that Clinton needs for a successful shark tagging expedition: money for the tags (at $3000 they’re not cheap), bodies to help on the boat (that could be us lot from White Shark Conservation Trust), and somebody who knows where the fish are. Fortunately Scott Tindale not only knew where the fish were when we went shark tagging in the Kaipara Harbour, he also knows how to catch them; which was just as well because our little crew (Clinton and Karl from DOC, Nic from Greenstone who was filming for a piece on ‘Coastwatch’, and Christy and I from White Shark Conservation Trust) didn’t catch a thing all day – apart from Nic that is, who caught a kahawai. But before he had a chance to reel it in, a white shark came out of nowhere, bit it off the hook and disappeared in an instant. We thought we were onto a winner so we laid a burley trail, got the big shark fishing gear out, made sure the tagging gear was ready, sat down and waited – but we didn’t see a fish, never mind a shark, again until Scott radioed from his boat a good while later; he’d caught a shark. It was a little one, a toddler really, and Clinton did all his measuring and tagging before we let it go as quickly as possible and it went off into the deep again.

I’m happy to leave shark whispering to Scott, but the hand on the nose really seemed to calm newly named Scotty the shark down.

We spent the rest of the day much like we had before Scott caught the shark: fishing, sitting and waiting. Christy managed to catch a few tiddlers, but that was about as good as our fishing skills got. Still, it was a good day and everyone was happy with one shark successfully caught, tagged, and released. Hopefully in 12 months time when the tag is released we will know where Scotty has been and it will help Clinton figure out where and how these fish live.


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  1. kiwiangler Says:

    Scotty you are legend…… you soon.

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