Hooray for Shark Fin Free Auckland!

Dorsal fin of a white shark (copyright WSCT)

After Bruce came back from his eye-opening adventures in Stewart Island, he and Alex and a few other Trust members went to the Shark Fin Free Auckland meeting in April. SFFA have only been around for a few months, but they’ve hit the ground running with their activism. They can be seen around Auckland handing out flyers with facts about sharks and shark finning (look for the awesome shark suit!), and they were featured on 60 Minutes on TV3 a few months ago.

SFFA’s members are diverse and passionate about their cause – they seek to educate the New Zealand public about the shark finning that happens in New Zealand waters, and are working toward getting the legislation changed so that shark finning is no longer legal, as has already been done in countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, and the European Union.

SFFA is a great organisation, and we hope that the White Shark Conservation Trust can work with them on some great projects in the future. Thanks for inviting us, SFFA!


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