Positive Result in Educating About Shark Products in New Zealand

Not so long ago we launched a new page called “How You Can Help” to drew attention to companies in New Zealand that trade or use shark in restaurants , or or shark derived products on the market in health stores. We highlighted one particular company, Good Health that had two shark derived products on the market (Sharkilage and Squaline), the shark content apparently sourced from sharks caught in New Zealand.  Our Conservation Biologist, Alex (Diverkat) was quickly on the case and put her research and legal hats on to approach Good Health.  We published her initial letter in the last edition of SharkBites.

We are extremely pleased to follow this story up with some great news… Although Sharkilage is still present on Good Health’s website, they are selling it in order to exhaust their current stock, and will no longer source their chondroitin from sharks.   Alex reported the chondroitin they will use in their joint care formulas is derived from bovine sources, and as they are farmed animals this is certainly more sustainable.  Alex’s arguments about lauding the value of shark fin were also heeded and Good Health have changed the wording of the Sharkilage page so they are no longer indirectly showing support for an unsustainable practice.  You can read the full story on Alex’s Diverkat website.

We would like to congratulate Alex on this victory and thank Brian Blanchard at Good Health for his positive actions.  You will see Good Health has been removed from our list of businesses we encourage you to avoid.


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